Pivoting in Times of Change

2020 has been a challenging year, for a myriad of reasons. There are very public issues, like the Covid-19 pandemic, and there were personal trials for many (often related to the pandemic). Regardless, many of us have had to change our ways and reinvent ourselves.

I am hyperaware of the privilege I have to be able to do just that; as a well-educated white woman who is financially secure with a supportive partner, it was relatively simple for me to decide to change careers, enroll in a course of study, and start over. That doesn't mean it was easy, but I had a clear path to follow.

I have begun a career in real estate. We've moved several times over the years, and I've always loved searching for homes. After spending much of our time at home watching HGTV obsessively, and since our children are grown and flown, I felt ready to take on this new opportunity. I joined an amazing company and I am energized by this new beginning. I hope that you will check out my website or Facebook or Instagram pages, and follow me there.

This doesn't mean I'm no longer interested in education or writing, just that I needed to focus elsewhere for awhile. I will probably still blog about things that stir my passion. And I am still very involved in education and social justice organizations: I serve in leadership fundraising positions for both of my alma maters, and I volunteer with several other non-profits whose missions I support. It's important that we, as a society, ensure that ALL of our citizens have choices for their future, not just those of us with privilege.

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